More than 80 acres of new open space will create safe and accessible leisure areas for people of all ages to enjoy.
There will be a range of new sports facilities, comprising football pitches including a new 3G facility and a multi-use games area.

In addition to the community’s very own retail and leisure space, Newport offers city centre shopping and convenient out-of-town retail parks as well as cinemas and a variety of sports clubs and recreational facilities.




Our primary goal is to breathe life into places to create better futures. We want to understand what a good estate management service means to you.

The best way to do this is to ask your opinion. So we’re undertaking an honest assessment of the challenges and opportunities; understanding what is done well and what could be done better is vital.

We would like to know what your experience is of the management service and how important each element is to you. Whether you have had a positive or negative experience, we would love to hear from you.

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When you live at Glan Llyn, you help to shape it. We take into account your ideas as the area grows and evolves.

We are currently trying to understand our resident’s travel needs. We will use the information we collect to support travel initiatives through the Glan Llyn Travel Plan.